Poker Superstars II

Poker Superstars II

If you love Poker you will love this great challenge Poker game
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You will get addicted to this card game and challenge. Play with the masters and superstars of the poker game. The main goal of this game is to gamble your money with your opponents and earn the whole amount. Clear your opponents and take all their money. In this game you can select amateur or superstar challenge. You can play round mode, seasons mode, or limit. Each mode will bring you different card and poker challenges where you will enjoy the adrenaline of a real poker game.
You need to follow the rules of each game and play as in a poker match. Each turn you can raise or lower your bets, you can put all in, call or fold the game. Take care of your opponents moves and bets, you are playing with super stars and they are very good at the game. During the game you can check help to get an advice of what to do in each move, don't let the hints move you, you can take your own risks and earn a lot of money. Each player will start with a certain amount of money like 250,000 dollars. The low bets will increase as time runs. This game is very well designed, it will show you the rules of each poker game and you will learn how to play very easily.

Birgilio Rivera
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